I started out designing and making hand loomed knitwear and taught others the craft as well. I wrote several books and authored a computer program aiding in designing knitwear. Over the years I branched out, designing and painting clothing and shoes. My work reflects my love of color and unique designs. I love wearing art. I love seeing others wearing this unique art.

I have a home studio. My husband and business manager, Peter, is very tolerant of my taking over the house! When I'm not busy knitting, sewing, creating buttons and home accessories, dyeing fabric and coming up with new design ideas, I'm usually playing with or walking my lovable Westie, Cooper.

Leslie and Jason, my two adult children have made Peter and I empty nesters. Jason resides in Virginia, working hard at his sales position. Leslie has, more or less, taken after her mother and is currently employed by a large corporation in designing retail store space. Leslie and our son-in-law made us proud grandparents of Chase and Sienna.
Jill Stern
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